Sunday, September 18, 2011

Future Buckeye

I'm from Ohio and proud of it. Even though I've lived in Utah for 14 years (um, that makes me feel old) I'll always be a Buckeye and it looks like Tommy is headed that way too. Of course at the rate he's growing he might be playing linebacker rather than cheering in the stands. Seriously, compare his six week photos to the ones of him at two and three weeks. This kid is filling out fast! Yay for Tommy!

(From certain angles, I see a "Shawver" look from Tommy. Anyone else see it?)

My Handsome Boys

Okay. Let's take a vote. Lots of people tell us Tommy looks so much like Quinn. There are some similarities, I'll admit, but to me Quinn looks like Quinn and Tommy looks like Tommy. What's your take on it?

Either way I'm sure handsome Tommy will grow to look more like his handsome Daddy as time goes by.

Funny Face

Six weeks old now and it feels like he's been part of our family forever already! It's so much fun to interact with him now because he smiles all the time and "talks" back to us. Nora is becoming increasingly interested in Tommy and vice versa. She loves to make Tommy smile and talk. Tommy sit on the couch and follows the bright blur of Nora activity around the living room. I tell Quinn that Nora's chattering voice is the sweet music that Tommy sleeps to. As long as she doesn't yell he sleeps right through it.

Hoping to get some good pictures of the kids together soon, but these should suffice for now.

Is this kid happy or what?

Two Weeks Old

When he's awake, he's really awake and alert.

This face is too cute!

At this point he's still swimming in his 0-3 month clothes.
Not for long!

Already smiling at two weeks!
He loves his bouncy chair! And he loves when Daddy talks to him!

Snuggling with nice warm Daddy after a meal of nice warm milk. comfy!

First Bath

Four days old and time for a first bath. Nora was very interested to see how this was going to happen so she got the best seat in the house and a little treat. I love to think back to how awkward we were when Nora was new. I feel like an old pro now (at some things)!

I'm talking both kids through the process while Daddy lends an
occasional helping hand and mans the camera.

"I'm so cold! What are you doing to me?!?!"

"That's better."

Home from the Hospital

I was really nervous to come home from the hospital. I didn't know how I was going to handle both kids at once and give them both the attention they needed and deserved. Once I got home though I felt so relieved to be away from the hospital. Thanks to the excellent care of the staff it can be difficult to rest there. (And I mean that in a good way.) And home is just - well - HOME.

I was also a little (*a lot*) sad that my mom wouldn't be around to help me adjust, but thankfully Quinn's mom Karen stepped in. For about a week we played zone - she mostly took care of Nora while I cared for Tommy. I slowly tried to phase Karen out so I could get used to the kids on my own. I'll admit there were a few tears when Karen had to get back to her normal life, due in no small part to post-partum depression.

I've got the PPD under control now, thanks for asking. I talked with my doc, we made some adjustments, and things are looking up. And how could they not be with this wonderfully awesome family I have?

And taking care of both kids at once? Like so many other difficult things in life I figured out I could do it by just doing it! We go slow, take care of the most urgent need first, and try to enjoy our time together.

First ride in the car

Isn't he just the sweetest little dark-eyed boy?

He's a pretty good sleeper and lets us get some rest too.

Doesn't big sister Nora have the most gorgeous smile?
She's so proud of Tommy - she announces to complete strangers,
"I have a new baby brother!"

Snuggle time with my two wonderful babies!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Meet Thomas Warren Foote

It was very important to me that Nora be the first one to meet the new baby. She was the first one in and the first one to hold him. It scared her a bit to see me in the hospital bed, but I reassured her that I was okay, and she was suddenly interested in tiny Tommy. She held him for about a minute, got bored, and said "Here Mommy. You can have him back." It's the same way about a month later. She's very proud of her new brother, but still not interested in holding him too much.

Giving little Tommy a big sister kiss!

Being cuddled by Grandpa Joey...

...and by Mema.

With Grandma Shawver...

...and with his namesake, Papa Shawver

We named little Tommy 'Thomas' after my father and 'Warren' after Warren G. Harding, President from Ohio and Warren Foote, one of Quinn's ancestors. Warren kind of started out as a joke - we wouldn't tell anyone the name before the baby was born, so Dad started calling him Warren. By the time he arrived, the name was stuck. Lucky it's a good one!