Sunday, September 18, 2011

Future Buckeye

I'm from Ohio and proud of it. Even though I've lived in Utah for 14 years (um, that makes me feel old) I'll always be a Buckeye and it looks like Tommy is headed that way too. Of course at the rate he's growing he might be playing linebacker rather than cheering in the stands. Seriously, compare his six week photos to the ones of him at two and three weeks. This kid is filling out fast! Yay for Tommy!

(From certain angles, I see a "Shawver" look from Tommy. Anyone else see it?)

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  1. Katy,
    Didn't know you have been blessed again! Haven't looked at your blog in some time. Thanks for sending the link. So happy for you! Your family is gorgeous. Tommy does look like his daddy. So glad you are happy AND content. All well with me. email me sometime or call.
    Love you, Peggy