Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rexburg, ID

For those of you asking, "Where the heck is Rexburg, ID?" I don't blame you. It's a fairly out of the way place, unless you're heading to Bear World or West Yellowstone. Or unless you're a student at BYU-Idaho, which my sister and brother-in-law are.

Anyway, it's a tiny little place, but I find it rather quaint. Brittany and Brian took us to a public park with its own water park and carousel. What a fun time!

Grandpa & Nora discovering new things.

Wow! Where's all this fun water coming from?

Nora was trying to grab handfuls of water.

Um, you think she likes the swing? ;)

Doesn't she have the most precious smile?

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  1. They just don't come much cutier than our two girls...I love seeing Nora and remembering my Abbie when she was that little...Thanks for sharing her with all of us! Kiss those chubby cheeks for me!